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Today is my 19th birthday! by Zeta-Haru

Yay! ^w^ today (24th of July just in case of time zone stuffz~) I complete 19 years of life! :D

My boyfriend was the first to tell me happy birthday this year ;u; and, well, I'm making this journal to tell you it's a special day for me :3

And the next comic page is still in progress, I've been working slowly on it, besides me making a 2~3 day break from it to work on something personal for Gabe, my plans were ruined by my aunt and uncle coming to visit me tonight, I'll be working on it before I go to bed but I guess I'll have other visits by tomorrow and will be able to finish and post it by the weekend -w- hehe~

I already want to say thanks to who comments "happy birthday" >w< silly people saying nice stuff for zeta pfff

<3 ( ͡° 3 ͡°)

edit: forgot to add this music link c:
edit2: i thought it would be interesting, if you want, to record something for me using your voice <:3 here

Today is my 19th birthday!


23 July 2014 at 21:48:58 MDT

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    Aqui, pra comemorar seu níver! :D

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    Happy birthday, dearie! ^^

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    holy crap how am I older than you?? It may only be a few years but still D:
    Happy birthday! Hope today goes well for you, man!

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    Bon fête! j'adore tes bandes dessinées. ils sont les meilleurs que j'ai jamais vu!!

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    We have the same birthday o:

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    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the land of the 19 year olds : D (Although I'll be leaving next month myself haha)

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    Happy birthday!

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    Happy Belated birthday