***OPEN for Sliding Scale Mystery Commissions!**** by Kitsumi

***OPEN for Sliding Scale Mystery Commissions! ***

What is a Sliding Scale Mystery Commission? Pay what you can afford! You decide the price, any price $5 and above, then send me info on your character, and I will come up with an art piece for you. :) What medium, materials, size, subject, methods, and design will all be up to me. You are welcome to send me images of inspiration, but the results may or may not reflect their content. The artistic freedom will let me work at my creative best. Want to give it a try and be surprised? If so, follow these steps:

1) Send me payment. Send an email with the cash amount in the subject line as so. The $40 is an example amount.
To: kitsumi.art (at)gmail.com
cc: cash[at]square.com
Subject line: $40

2) I reply!

3) Please respond then with one of the following options:

A) Personal Character Description

Eye Color:
Anthro or non (feral):
Headfur or hair, if hair, what length/style?
Any special markings or characteristics?
Clothing or Accessories? i.e. jewelry, tattoos, piercings, etc.
Optional: Hobbies:
Optional: list three possible moods
Optional: list three possible themes
Optional: Attach a reference sheet, sfw preferred.
Please don't send long descriptions! It is hard to catch important details!

B) If you don't want one that is specifically character based, give me three random words containing an adjective, an occupation and a noun. There are random character generators for these, or you can come up with them. Examples: Claustrophobic wizard turtle. Violent udon kappa. Emo ninja hamster.

C) OR you can really let me run with an idea. Say, ask for an image of a fox, or something vintage themed, any species, etc.

If I work traditionally, you may pick up the original at any con I attend, or send me an additional $2 please for shipping. Otherwise I will send you a high resolution printable scan. I retain all rights, and you are free to post digitally as long as I am credited.

Any questions? Send me a note. :)
Thank you!

***OPEN for Sliding Scale Mystery Commissions!****


17 July 2014 at 09:24:36 MDT

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