Patreon! I made one! by Happysorry

So. I made a patreon! This is for those who want to support me! And see more things come from me.

I find out sometimes theres not enough time for me to spend on myself without hurting my pocket really badly. Which was very much when i was doing my portfolio artwork

**What kind of things you'd be able to see from donating? **

  • Welp! There is a program i'm going to learn. And Thats live2d Cubism.
    With that I can start making interactive game with your own taums! where
    you can pet them poke them and watch them follow you around!
    Wouldn't that be fun?

  • Also those fan of My lady warrior ((
    I want to bring her to life into comics, show off her kick assery! I want to make
    it a full on story if i can! It'll be a tough one for me.

  • That taum animation of of all the
    taums Xddd <3 going to be super fun!

  • And dream dragon that i have been starting to figure i need a bit of help and if i can
    fund others to help me with it it can turn into the game i want it to be.

That'd be all!

Oh yeah i'd be able to get the joinme thats the professional one, that way i can have
all you guys join without ..y'know only 10 limit.

Its all up to you guys! I was told this be a good idea and at the panel i was told
it'd be bestto use this as well to help me grow further myself!

Patreon! I made one!


15 July 2014 at 19:52:57 MDT

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    ya goin places kid

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    this is fantastic! i hope you get many donations!

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      Its up to everybody X//d I'm going to try and get a vlog up as well soon for it.