Need Help! Drawing Tablet Decision! by kriredor123

So, I'm planning on getting a new drawing tablet in the near-future. I feel that using one will vastly improve my coloring, and will allow me to draw my own pictures (after some practice of course). But I need help deciding which tablet I should go with. I've narrowed it down to two choices.

The first is the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Tablet:

The second is the Huion H610 Pro Tablet:

From what I've looked at (as please correct me if I'm missing something), Wacom is basically the standard line of tablets and other digital drawing products that a lot of people use and like a lot. Huion offers their own line of tablets, as well, but it doesn't seem to have penetrated the public as much as Wacom has. Yet the H610 Pro (released late last year) seems to gotten good reviews (with some finding their functionality comparable to some of Wacom's own tablets), and it's being offered at a great price too (no more than $80). As far as customer service goes, Wacom is pretty top-notch. Huion seems to be, too, though I've read that they require a video of a given problem in order to help you out (but they stick with you until a solution's found.

So, what tablet do you think I should go for? I'm leaning towards Wacom because of brand familiarity and at all, but Huion drives a hard bargin. Getting more opinions on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Spreading this journal around also helps! Thanks so much in advance!

Also, since I might as well throw it out there one more time: [u]if people really like what I post and the services I provide, sending a few bucks to me would really help! I can provide simple colorations, and in the future, simple drawings from my new tablet! IF PEOPLE WANT TO SEND MONEY TO HELP EASE THE FINANCIAL STING OF GETTING A TABLET, THAT WOULD BE EVEN MORE APPRECIATED AND I'LL CERTAINLY CONSIDER YOU FOR A FREE DRAWING/COLORATION! Thank you very much for considering!

Need Help! Drawing Tablet Decision!


14 July 2014 at 23:59:28 MDT

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