Commissions Open! by Pure Dragon

I need $500 ASAP so I'm opening commissions to try and earn some of that! Commissions will be the quality level of my recently posted pic of Varien ( and are $25. I can also do full body for $35. Background is optional, if you would like transparent BG instead then take $5 off the price.

Please provide a character reference, or multiple pictures of your character in different poses and angles. Specify background or no background, headshot or full body, and theme/mood. Payment is through PayPal in USD. After I receive your order, I'll draw the sketch which I'll show to you for approval, and once you're happy with that I will do the rest of the picture. I'll take payment after your commission is done but before I post it.

I can do most animals, whether they be real, imaginary, quadruped or anthropomorphic. Humans are a major weak point of mine, but I will try provided you fully understand that it may not turn out the best. PG-13 is the limit on any piece.

Commissions Open!

Pure Dragon

14 July 2014 at 09:25:50 MDT

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