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My Queue by Kittrel

Hi! Just a little status update thingie of what I'm working on artwise, and what's finished up and on its way out to customers. If you have questions about commissioning me or the status of your commission please reply here, note me, or email me!

Finished and ready to be delivered:

  • August Weasyl Badge Exchange - Haus!
  • Annu trade for badge


  • Sept ConbadgeExchange
  • A thing about a cat and a canine

In Progress:

  • JuzBunny, char sheet for Miles (50% payment on sketch deliver, 50% on completion)
  • SuburbanGal papillon rescue logo
  • ToddFawx, template style candy badge (not yet paid)

My own projects:

  • finish chibi yote pic
  • finish pony pic
  • Skippy's fox Kigu
  • Brie repairs


  • Carrie aka Toki, badge trade!


  • My paypal addy is (note it is different from my regular email, sorry for the confusion!) - tips are always appreciated! Please wait to send your payment til we work out the details of your commission and I confirm you're on the list.
  • Queue order generally goes with the first person signed up and paid. I may skip around a little bit, because sometimes I need a break from one project and it's helpful to come back to it with fresh eyes. I will always do my best to stay as close to the order commissions/payment came in at though. :3 Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the status of your commission! I will do my absolute best to answer promptly! :3
  • Feel free to re-post your commissions! You may use them online for any personal use, print them out for yourself, and I'm perfectly ok with cropping art into icons! If you're able to, a link-back to my gallery is very appreciated. :)

My Queue


13 July 2014 at 19:31:24 MDT

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    Going to start posting comments with things I remove from the list so they're still around for tracking purposes without cluttering the list.

    • Forward, digital badge - mailed 7-30
    • Spree, template style candy badge - mailed 8-8
    • blackfurrykitty, template style candy badge - mailed 8-8