Burfday by WindWolf

Well, I'm officially 21 today! Heck yeah! So far my birthday has been pretty good, I just got back from my trip to the cabin with Tes and Icei and I suppose you'll all want to hear about that.

It was awesome! I had a blast with Tes and Icei! Tes caught a lot of fish and I'm very proud of her (I caught two and would have caught more if I had switched to using worms as bait sooner, but I really wanted to catch a tiger trout instead of the crapload of chub and few cutthroat trout we caught). I lost my knife/cleaver thing that I was using to dispatch the fish with though if you recall this http://windwo1f.deviantart.com/art/.....ker-375308045. I must have left it on the shoreline when it started pouring rain and someone must have found it and kept it. I'm very sad about it. Still, it was really fun and we got some nice pictures of our fursuits we'll have to upload soon. I wish I could've stayed longer at the cabin though, but I always wish that.

And now, I must work on all the crapton of art I owe! flys away



13 July 2014 at 18:51:33 MDT

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