Commission Terms of Service by Kakusai

✖ Commission Information ✖

If you’re looking into commissioning me, please read through my ToS before you send me your order. This ToS is specifically for humanoid work.

° Character Details & References °

In order to portray your character correctly, I require a reference picture, or detailed description of your character. Reference pictures are most helpful when they are flat colored, front and back depictions of the character. If you do not have a reference picture, or if your character has many details that are easy to miss, I require a detailed description of the character. Please try to keep all details regarding character references and pose ideas in one note.

Things you should include in the description are…

  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Hair length/style
  • Species
  • Specific markings
  • Clothing details
  • Extra appendages (if applicable)

…or anything else you can think of to help me picture your character in my head the same way you do. Please try to keep the description of your character as concise as possible, and avoid sending detailed back stories that are not relevant to the commission piece itself.

You are responsible for detailing any information on your character that may not be visible or incorrect on your reference picture. If you do not present everything to me, I may not be able to get all the details right. Please do not expect me to know everything about your character without you telling me.

° Payment °

Payment is to be sent through paypal only. I do not accept money orders.

I require payment up front before I start on your commission. When sending payment, please leave a note with your username. I will start your commission when payment is confirmed. Make sure you send your payment as a Service, not as a gift. Also be sure to uncheck the option to ship the commission to your address, since these are digital only products.

Please do not enter any additional information other than your username.

° Revisions °

I will only correct minor details or make changes to the line art during the sketch stage. There is a limit of 3 minor changes. Any changes made afterwards will be charged an additional $5. It is your responsibility to present all details to me from the beginning.

Complete revisions of a piece can also only be done during the sketch stage. I will only do one free complete revision per picture. Any revisions afterwards will be charged an additional $10.

Please note, if I am at fault for missing a detail you have presented to me from the very beginning, I will fix it free of charge, and they will not count against your limit for minor changes.

Once approval is given on a sketch, I will not be doing any more changes to the line art.

° Cancellation & Refunds °

Sometimes things come up where a commission must be canceled, either by the commissioning party or by myself. If you need to cancel the commission for any reason, you must do so before I start the final stage of the picture. Once the picture is in the final stage, I will not issue any refunds.

If the picture is canceled in the middle of me working on it, refunds will only be issued for work not yet completed. For example, if you order a soft shaded colored piece and I have already finished inking it, refunds will only be given for the flat colors and shading price.

Please note, if you treat me with disrespect, I reserve the right to cancel the commission. Canceled commissions will be refunded for the price of the work not yet completed.

° Re-posting °

Re-posting the commissioned piece on any other account or website is fine, only if done by the original commissioner (or owner(s) of characters represented in the picture), and with full credit to me as the artist. You will not, however, sell or make prints of the image, edit without permission, or claim the image as your own.

Selling full rights to a commissioned piece can be negotiated on a case by case basis. Unless it is discussed otherwise, I retain full rights over the image.

° Deadlines °

If you wish to have the commission done by a certain date, you need to give me at least one month’s notice prior to commissioning me. If for some reason you do not want the image uploaded until a certain date, you must also specify this in your order. If the deadline is missed for any reason, you will receive a 50% refund along with the finished piece.

Any deadlines issued with less than a month’s notice will be charged a $10 rush fee.

° Contact °

I am very open with contact with my commissioners, and have options for ways you can reach me. If you need to get in contact with me about your commission, or if you’d like progress updates/previews, please feel free to ask.

I do request for you to please refrain from contacting me multiple times a day about your commission. I keep a detailed log here detailing which commission I am working on, and what stage I am at. Please look at it before you contact me with questions on where I’m at with your commission.

I always supply sketch and flat color previews to my clients on my own. I only supply ink previews if requested.

**My contact information is as follows:

E-mail - Kaku.Commissions[at]
DeviantArt - Kakusai
Weasyl - Kakusai

My preferred method of contact is through email.
All commission orders must be sent in through my form. Click here to go to it.

° Will Not Draw List °

Sometimes there are certain themes, characters, or scenarios I will not draw. They are as follows:

  • Mature Loli / Shota Art
  • Hentai / Yaoi / Yuri
  • Excessively Obese Characters
  • Trademarked or Copyrighted Characters (such as anime characters, book characters, etc.) **
  • Fetish Art (Vore, Hyper, Diapers, etc)

If you are requesting a mature picture of someone else’s character, who is not your significant other or a friend, I require a note or other form of proof of them stating that it’s ok to do so.

If you are uncertain of a subject I may be comfortable drawing, please ask me.

**** NOTE: I may make some exceptions for fan characters based off of a species. Do not expect me to draw them in the same style as the fandom, though.**

° Prices °

Solo Character Icon
Cell Shade - $5
Soft Shade - $7
Pixel - $15

Solo Character: Half Body Pinup
Cell Shade - $25
Soft Shade - $35

Solo Character: Full Body Pinup
Cell Shade - $35
Soft Shade - $45

Chibi Style Character
Cell Shade - $15
Soft Shade - $20

° Extras °

Add a Character - +50% of Base Price
Complexity Fee - +$5 - $10 (Priced to Difficulty)
Add Detailed Background - +$20

If your character/request has many details, I may charge an additional fee. The complexity fee is only added if:

  • The character has multiple extra body parts (wings do not apply)
  • The character has very detailed or complex clothing/armor
  • Multiple reaction shots/close up details are requested

Commission Terms of Service


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