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Looking for info about Art tech! by Kittrel

Hey! I am looking for some solid info and google is not helping me because there's too much out there. x.x I'm looking for digital art stuff to help me improve my drawings (eventually, when I can afford it, but right now just gathering info)

1: There was a tablet I saw and got to play with at AC. It was pressure sensitive and had a LCD screen like a cintiq. But I looked it up on my phone and it was like 1/4 the price. Now of course I cannot remember the name! It looked like an ipad sorta - I thought that's what it was at first. If no one here thinks it sounds familiar I can track down the tablet owner and email and pester him.

2: I remember trying out an art program quite some time ago that I thought was SUPER cool because it allowed you to "ink" things and the lines were vector, with anchors and handles and such so you could manipulate them easily without the tedium of erasing and redrawing. But you could also paint just like a regular non-vector art program. If this program would work with the tablet above I think that would be a killer combo for me. :3

And of course if you have other info and insights to share, please do!

Looking for info about Art tech!


12 July 2014 at 08:00:44 MDT

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    The drawing program may have been Manga Studio. They support vector layers:
    No idea about the tablet.

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      Whoo, thanks! I know I did a trial version of that at some point, so I think you are right! The trouble is whenever I hear about art software trials I download them and try them out, then move on and they all lump together in my brain. That one feature is something I would really want in a program I actually purchase instead of trial though! :3