Trip to Hawaii & Japan (postcard commissions) by RebelPanda

Hello everyone! Thought I might make an official announcement about my trip. I'm leaving the 31st of this month and won't be home until October 8th. I'll be in Hawaii for 5 weeks (August and 1 week in October) and in Japan for 4 weeks(September). This was my graduation gift(/bday gift/2 xmas gifts). (It's been a pain saving up for.)

What does this mean for my art and commissions? Well I'm considering not taking my Cintiq (it's my baby and I don't want it damaged or lost in my travels). So this means no digital art. However, I may post a few photos and some traditional art. I'll also be doing sketchbooking while I'm away, so I'll post updates of that.

Also, I'll be open for postcard commissions while I'm away. This is where I'll pick out a postcard, do a traditional (SFW) drawing on the back and mail it to you. These will be $10 and I'll be open for them in Hawaii and Japan.

If you want to keep updated on my adventures you can follow me on snapchat or twitter at: rebelpandabear (it's the same for both). I follow back!

*In conclusion, if you would like a digital commission from me, I suggest you ask for one in the next few weeks before I depart.

Trip to Hawaii & Japan (postcard commissions)


10 July 2014 at 09:46:30 MDT

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