You Ain't Country by sixrabbits

I'm just going to link to what I said on tumblr.
The poster (not the person I was explaining the concept of being a human being to) blocked me after she said I should just keep my opinion to myself and I responded with "You're locking yourself in an echo chamber".

The irony is that this girl claims to be feminist. Okay, maybe you have a few feminist ideas, but to judge women based on their looks, based on ONE photo, is pretty damn unfeminist. To say that women who can put on a crop top, daisy dukes, and gogo boots could not also put on muddy jeans and muck out a stall is ludicrous. The world would be SO BORING if you could only be rough and tumble country girl, or pretty model girl.

Also, I was reading comments on the original post, and there were a lot of country girls calling bullshit. You can do BOTH! If I can like My Little Pony and Hellraiser, then a woman is more than capable of dressing sexy and being country.

And it seems like the chick is assuming that these women dress like this everyday. She must get confused on Halloween.

You Ain't Country


9 July 2014 at 14:57:07 MDT

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    Women should do what they feel is right for them. There's no 'right' way to be a woman, because woman are so diverse.

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      Yeah. And from what I can tell, there's no law against owning gogo boots and working on a farm. At least I don't think there is... but this is Texas.

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    I will forever be baffled by this need for people to divide things up between "legitimacy" and "fake" when it comes to any sort of subculture. Like the whole "fake geek girls" thing.

    Your remark about being able to like Hellraiser and My Little Pony is pretty telling too. I once remember getting into an argument on FA with someone who insisted that you could not like MLP and still have "good grownup taste." It's as if he things that I can't like salt and also sugar.

    (I found it especially hilarious that his go-to example to demonstrate his "grownup taste" was a fucking Gundam show. Yes, you are so much more mature than me, you really put me in my place there.)

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      Yeah, I find it screwed up when people feel the need to shame someone for not fitting their definition of something. Do they think the gods of their subculture will punish them if they do not demean the "fake"? It was nice to see some country girls calling that post out, and also posting photos of themselves not looking like the pretty examples in the "real" picture (which I think are probably from a magazine) but with dirt all over their faces.

      I don't see why it's so hard for people to accept that not everyone is stuck in one genre. You won't explode if you enjoy something not associated with your other interests. I like morbid and cute stuff, so far it hasn't killed me or caused the universe to implode (but the way some people react you'd think if would).

      Oh gosh, I never really liked Gundam. The episodes I watched felt so drawn out for being a giant robot fighting anime.

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        I think sometimes humanity is just inherently wired to want cliques. It makes you feel better about yourself being part of the "in" crowd, and you can't have an "in" crowd without defining who's in the "out" crowd. I'm as guilty of that as anyone, really, just in different ways.

        Maybe it has to do with wanting to seem "grown up." Which, as has been pointed out by other people in the past (notably C. S. Lewis) is actually a sign of immaturity. Because it's only kids who worry about seeming "grown up." Adults don't care anymore.

        (And, for the record: Your Pony/Hellraiser photo was half the reason you got a watch from me. XD)

        I tried to get into it but just never could. It's got like a MILLION different spinoffs too. He tried to tell me that his particular flavor was the best and most "adult" one. Maybe that's even the case, but man, seriously, such an embarrassing go-to example...

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          That's why racism is still a thing.

          I so massively don't care anymore about "acting grown up". So long as one can find happiness it's all good! The fun part about being an adult is having the money to do the stuff I wanted to as a kid.

          Haha, that seems to be what a lot of people remember about me is my odd love for cute and scary.

          Yeah. I just never could get into it. The models are pretty cool, I could probably get into building miniature Gundams- sometimes it feels like the show is just made to sell stuff.

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            You know, I guess it is. We're really not as far beyond our primitive monkey brains as we think we are, are we?

            I agree with all of this completely. <3

            I am much the same way. I recall looking at my favorite video games, and it's pretty much all cute and creepy straight down the line, with virtually nothing in-between. XD

            I could easily believe that. Of course there are a LOT of cartoons like that, both in Japan and right here in the US of A...

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              We've just made up a bunch of complicated reasons to act like primitive monkeys.

              There's very little that exists in between anyways. It's like you either have to be EXTREMELY creepy, or super cute.

              Like My Little Pony, it's pretty obvious when they are trying to push a new toy. Some are fun, some not.

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                You do have a point. Sometimes we used our animal ancestry as an excuse.

                And haha, yeah, it's obvious when they're pushing something. XD Still, I try to remember that's really the only reason the cartoon EXISTS. It doesn't bother me too much.