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Nope, going back to old resolution! by Zeta-Haru

3 days ago I posted a journal warning I would start working with 4000x4000px. but I should have done more in depth tests before announcing that. Turns out when I'm halfway to complete an artwork with that resolution, with a lot of layers, colors and strokes added, it gets really difficult for saving files (and I like to do that frequently while working), movements/strokes starts getting slow, and SAI tends to "load" and eventually crash with misclicks during these loadings, which makes pretty much the task of finishing a piece, a compilation of unnecessary waste of time, and stress.

The folders for each full artwork would take up to 1GB and that's already a good reason for me to try something less than 4000, because after some time, this would start to be a problem, making me buy external hard drives, that could even change in the future with new technology, but it's still an issue if I'll have to highly depend on them and if it costs me money.

So, I'm going back to 2000x2000px. but not necessarily that specific resolution, my goal is to have a resolution that both parameters are between 3000 and 2000 pixels. Because I do want to offer something new, and with a bit more of quality for people who support me, at the same time I prevent myself from having my artwork rejected, or useless for a specific type of thing, such as printing.

I hope you understand and sorry for announcing that without testing it and calculating some things in depth! When I get another computer or laptop that is better then the one I currently use, the 4K can be real x3

Nope, going back to old resolution!


9 July 2014 at 03:09:28 MDT

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    waht do u use that would make them get so big ? i use gimp and the biggist ive ever gotten was a gb but it was a 10,000x10,000 spread of most of my work