Soap and Candle Commissions! by TheMysteriousL

Alright, so, name's L, and I come from a family of All-Natural Soap and Candle Makers. Specifically, I make Fragrance Oil Blends and Perfumes.

As of recent, I've started branching out and taking commissions for making delightful smelling Bath Products, as well as Triple Scented Candles and Fragrance Oil Blends. This ranges from traditional scents, such as Florals, Musks and Fruity, to the unusual, Like High Octane Gasoline, Bacon and Gunpowder.

(Heck, one customer asked for a Cannabis scented Candle. I've learned not to ask questions....but the customer was thrilled.)

Right now, I'm selling just Candles and Soaps, and am planning to start selling fragrance oils at the beginning of next year. Our soaps are made out of Several different natural oils and Vegetable Glycerin, as well as Goat's Milk, Shea Butter, Honey, and Cocoa Butter. Our candles are a Natural Paraffin/Soy blend, and uses All Cotton Wicks.

Prices are as follows.

----For Soap----

1 pound of soap = $ 8.00 USD. Please Specify Color.

This is just the soap, by itself, sans any additives and makes about 3 Large Soaps.

Additives and exfoliates , such as Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Pumice are $ 1.00 USD per pound.

Each fragrance to be put into said soap are $ 5.00 USD Each
For example, say you would like a mix of Sandalwood, Oak Moss, Mexican Vanilla, and Leather. That's 5 x 4 = $20.

----For Candles----

1 Large Candle -or- 2 Small Candles = $ 20.00 USD, Includes 1 Fragrance. Extra Fragrances cost $ 5.00 Each. Please specify Color.

----Shipping Costs---

Shipping is $ 10.00 USD Flat rate across the United States. For other countries, contact me for a shipping quote.

If you are interested, Please drop me a Line at , with the subject line "Commission Inquiry", and I'd be happy to discuss your order. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

Soap and Candle Commissions!


8 July 2014 at 13:36:42 MDT

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    oh man I might have to hit you up this sounds awesome!

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    I need to evaluate how much spare money I have, because this sounds interesting. How much would shipping to Canada(NB) be?

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      We'd be more than happy to check, and I'll be happy to send you a PM on the price.

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        That would be great, thanks :3

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    Vouching for this! I got Strawberry Cupcake scented soap from L, one pound of it. The bars are huge and smell amazing! Lathers really well and is gentle on your skin. I would recommend this to anyone! Get your own custom scent!

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    I am definitely interested in this! Running this by my spouse and will get back to you!

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    I occasionally have a need for sandarac and lavender oil in larger than normal quantities. I may be getting in touch with you.

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    Okay, 2 questions, before I order.
    How long does your soap last before it expires?
    Just to clarify, if I bought 3 pounds of soap the shipping will still be $10?

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      The soap generally lasts around a month for one large bar with bathing at least once a day. And with 3 Pounds, the shipping should still be about 10.