Back From Vacation by Rsyk

So, a while ago I reserved the past weekend for vacation time, hoping initially that I'd be using it to go to AC. That didn't happen, due mainly to finances, but since I had the time off anyway, myself and my fiance when up to visit his parents. It went much better than I'd hoped.

We'd not told his parents I was trans yet, and they were under the impression that we were both just gay men. So, we told them nearly first thing after arriving, mainly so I wouldn't have to wear heavy, figure obscuring jackets all weekend. They took it pretty well, and though I did have to correct them on pronouns often, they didn't ask very many questions.
My fiance's sister was there too, and that was...wonderful. I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but she found out I was trans a little bit before I told her, because she found some of my hormones on a different visit. Actually, on the day that she found out, before even confirming it, she made it a point to compliment me on my feminine features that day. It was a huge confidence boost at the time, and was awesome to find out after the fact why she did it. Anyway, she's known for a while, and has been super supportive, and actually took me out to buy makeup for the first time. With the stipulation that she be the first person to actually apply makeup for me. The end result of that night is my profile ID right now. She has been ridiculously amazing about everything and such an incredible help.

There was also some ugly stuff with my mother that could have gone better, but I didn't get disowned or anything, so I guess there's that.

Back From Vacation


7 July 2014 at 23:10:01 MDT

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