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MOVING!!! by NecroDrone

The time has come and we are being packed tomorrow morning early. The moving company will be taking our computers, desks and equipment however I will be taking my laptop (with refs) and supplies to continue illustrating artwork while Im offline. I wont be able to scan them for emailing, so those of you who I owe art to will possibly see their status change on my TO DO LIST, I wont be able to show you until we receive our stuff at our destination. Estimated time of arrival is the 18th, to which hopefully our stuff will arrive the same day, if not 3-10 days later. I'm praying it wont be that long, and our luck has been amazing so far, so I hope it holds out for this too.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at NecroDrone13 at gmail dot com, as I still will be checking emails on my phone. I will not be on Skype, Steam or any other means of communication for the next two weeks, so email is your best bet. I'll still answer txts and Twitter! Thank you all for your patience and understanding, this sorta sprung on top of us, but it has been a long time waiting and we are every so grateful for this opportunity for change and a new beginning! Thank you all for your support <333

<3 Namaste and Be Well <3



7 July 2014 at 20:08:13 MDT

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    Wow, that all happened fast! Or at least it seems like it to me, haha. I'm really glad for you. :> Wish you the best on your move and everything. Sounds like it'll be really good for you guys. <3

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    Safe travels!

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    Where you moving to? STL by any chance? We need more and better and cuter dragons here.

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    Best of luck! I hope all goes well, and the new place brings lots of new adventures and inspiration. ^_^

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    Best of luck with everything! <3 Hope it all goes smoothly!

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    Namaste and safe travels for the two of you, hun.

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    Best wishes to you two on your move! Keep me posted on your progress, hon!

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    Just got done with a big move, too! Happy to be in a new place, new energy, new things, and new creativity :3

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    good luck!