Trade? Closed by Remnants

I just made my alternate fursona, a big goofy pinata opossum, and I really want art of him aaaa.
I'd love some gore stuff of him pulling his candy guts out (they're gummy worms!), but I also would love some clean stuff of him just sitting around eating candy!
If you're interested, please comment! I'll note you if I pick you. ;w;

Here's my guy's ref by the way:
(I'm going to bed now since it's 4am, but I'll check this when I wake up! Thanks, guys!)

Trade? Closed


7 July 2014 at 14:00:41 MDT

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    i love to if my art is to ur liking most ppl dont like it but its somthing new todo im getting better if u want to look :)

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    I could! I've done both cute and gorey things, whichever is fine! :P

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      Heck yes! What would you like for my half?

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        Hmm, I'll have to think about it! Will send ya a message when I think up something. xD

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          All righty! Ready when you are. c:

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    I'm all for it!!
    You know I'm great at cartoony things~

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    What the heck, I'll give it a shot. Doesn't hurt to try to attempt a trade. :)