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3D Bust Commissions Open! [Closed] by JoshCat


1. taw In progress.

I have this posted over at FA with 3 slots open, but if more people show interest here I can open up more slots.

In addition to the full 3D character, I'm also offering a cheaper, shoulder high bust of your character. Fully textured, with 1 or 2 simple accessories (Anything complex/extra will cost more depending on whats wanted) for $30 WITH an option to upgrade it to a full character for an additional $60 (That's $10 less than the full character price all together!) at a later date. You will also receive the texture files, and a .obj of your piece for 3D printing* or whatever you may choose. For $5 more I'll turn it into a blinking icon. Characters with complex designs may cost an additional $10 or so depending on complexity.

Examples of the busts.

It's still gonna take me a little to complete these, so I'm taking 1.. or so right now on a first come, first serve basis. You can grab a slot, but I'll only require payment when I actually go to do yours.

*I cannot assure that your model will be able to be 3D printed as I've never done so, but I'll help you out with it if you ever were interested in printing one.

3D Bust Commissions Open! [Closed]


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    Will it be compatible with DAZStudio software?

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      I'm not sure. It'll just be the mesh from the shoulder up. If your program can import .obj's it should, but it won't be pose-able or anything.

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        Aaahhh... that's cool. Something to think about later on though. Christmas presents and all that. =>.<;=

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    You win again dyslexia..... 3d butts.... riiigghhtt... .///."

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      Maybe something for the future~ ;3

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    I am definitely interested in this! Unfortunately since Christmas is coming up I wouldn't be able to afford it this month. :p

    January I can definitely do this if you're interested, just send me a message and we can work out pricing and whatnot. c:

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      No worries. I'm sure I'll of cleared out my current bunch by then! Whenever you want one, just lemme know and we can work out the details. :3

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        Will do! And I'll probably look to upgrade to a full character when I can, though I know the wings will make it a major pain in the butt!

        (also your streaming status is on still I think)

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          I actually got some good experience with wings on this trade I'm doing, so I should have you covered if you end up getting a full character. :3

          And oops. I was told that had a timeout on it. Thanks! x3

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            Most likely I'll do a bust and a full character at a later date since I got bills that are more expensive every second month. @_@; So we'll see :D

            And it does time out but we really need to set it so it's customizable when it expires; it's current time is like.. 12 hours or something high. Though the coders are busy with lots of stuff right now so it'll be a while for any fix most likely. :3