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Eventually Alice- book theme talk and paperback! by RenonVesir

The book is now up for purchase at Createspace. Check it out here-

it's also up on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Page Foundry, Scribd, Kobo, and all those other places that people don't buy books from because Amazon exists. :3

I felt like breaking down some of the things I tried to accomplish with the book, and hopefully that will garner some more interest in it.

(1) Violence isn't the answer to anything. Violence is a tool for villains and monsters. The protagonists get by on perseverance, trickery, and maybe even a little deus ex machina. Violence is not the solution.

(2) I wanted a female heroine who solves problems in her own way without taking up a sword. That seems to be a common theme now (see the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland or Snow White and the Huntsman) and I wanted to avoid that trope. I wanted my Alice to be determined and powerful and yet flawed. She is stubborn and impulsive and can get herself into trouble pretty easily. She's not perfect.

(3) I wanted a reversal on the potential love interest, where it's the female character who is somewhat aloof and hard to win over. The male lead is the one that's smitten, and he acts that way without putting undue pressure on Alice's shoulders.

(4) I wanted to keep the minor characters very minor and the story focused on the main leads as much as possible.

(5) I wanted to leave some things open and potentially mysterious. Some questions have pretty obvious answers and others are more subtle. (I would hope, anyway.)

(6) I wanted nothing to become overwhelming. I wanted there to be humor without it becoming completely absurd. I wanted it to be fantastical without being ridiculous. I wanted a pinch of angst and a light salting of drama. I wanted a relationship that evolves without ever becoming the true focus.

I can only hope that people will check it out and enjoy it for what it is.

Eventually Alice- book theme talk and paperback!


3 July 2014 at 14:44:38 MDT

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    I really like stories that fall away from the normal tropes. I have a character that tries not to solve anything by the use of his sword so I am very interested in learning how it's portrayed. I have a feeling I'll really enjoy this book. It might even be up there with Half World! Now that I have a paperback link, I'm going to add it to my book order later on this month! Hopefully there's a place I can write a review too. That might help your sales as well, yeah?

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      I just want to say I really appreciate you and the interest and the offer ahh. <3

      For reviews, I suppose there's the Amazon site itself or something like GoodReads.

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        DONE! Bough it! Now saving up to commission you. (I know you're busy working though so I will wait a bit)

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          Appearently the paperback has a thousand typos in it, just warning you. I updated the text a bunch of times in the store but it never seemed to fix anything. -_-

          but thank you. hopefully it doesn't bore you to tears. =3

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            It's surprisingly short! Wow! Ah typos. They're bound to happen in any medium. As a collector of Manga I see it all the time, and grammar, punctuation, proper english. LOL
            It's going to be my bff until the end of the week when I finish it.

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              It's about 55k words, so a smallish novel? Light novel? Novella? Somewhere in there, I guess.

              I need to comb back through it for the fourth time and then maybe try to find an agent and get it published for realsies, but I haven't had the energy. Blech.

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                I like Novella. Sounds like a delicious spread you put on toast.
                This is really delightful! You have managed to make me chuckle within the first 3 chapters. It's rare to do that but when she tossed the rabbit at the mirror with a squeal I thought that was pretty funny, haha. Ohhh old people lol I'm pretty lame, I know.

                Ahhh TAT I get what you mean but congrats on making a book! This is pretty fun so far. I like Alice's reactions. One day I will get this book signed and it'll be an extremely unique copy O0O

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                  ...and I'll make my book nerd friends really jealous. Oho.

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                    I'm really glad to hear you are enjoying it so far. =3 Aha I should order some more copies so I can sign a few... ah well.