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Monthly updates and more, now on the FWG blog by furwritersguild

Just a note that July's monthly news update is now posted to the blog:

I should note that I won't be posting any more blog post links here, so if you want to keep up with the monthly guild news, member spotlights, Book of the Month, and other updates, please be sure to follow the blog. In the righthand sidebar, there are links to follow via email (receiving an email each time a new post is made), via RSS, and via Wordpress. You can also follow us on Twitter (@furwritersguild) and keep up with new posts that way.

Crucial member news (like when the Cóyotl Awards open for voting, things like that) will also be sent out to members via email. If things go as planned, the first member mailing will go out in the next couple of weeks. (I still don't have an email address for one member -- if anyone knows how to contact Zodiark Fox, besides FA, please let him know to email me at furwritersguild (at) so I can add him to my contact list.)

Monthly updates and more, now on the FWG blog


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