Show me your masots/fursonas/whatever! by Witch

Mascots, fursonas, whatever the hell you want to call them are always great fun to look through. Show yours off! Tell me why you picked that design, what it means to you, if you think they'll stick around, etc. etc. etc.

I don't have an outright representation for myself, but the closest I have is Kaikko, an ermine, who has become a kind of stylized manifestation of my muse and inner voice. I always imagined my creativity as a flowing, flexible entity, and the tenacious stoat definitely carries that spirit well.

In a more shallow sense, he's also just plain fun to draw and collect art of.

What about you?

Show me your masots/fursonas/whatever!


29 June 2014 at 21:42:24 MDT

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    I kinda wish I had a fursona but I can't decide which animal/anthro because I love too many animals. :<

    However, for a Kung Fu Panda meme I drew myself as a fox of that world, though!
    Because I see myself as a small, hard-to-notice, cunning person that shouldn't be trusted entirely. xD

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    Ah, I love seeing other users' mascots! :-0 I use a lil snowbeast for mine! Basically just based on my username and my love of cryptozoology. c:

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    I've used Tank ( as a character (in different iterations) for about 7 years. I originally modeled her after Tank Girl. I wanted to have a character that I could look up to or aspire to be like; fearless, funny, clever, and usually on the side of good.