Any AC-Goers have a button press? by Kittrel

So I have a Badge-A-Minit button press that does 2.25" buttons and the last time I used it was having some trouble with the edges coming uncrimped. This time I brought it out to use it, well, I made 4 buttons before giving up, 3 of them are totally unusable and 1 still isn't great but is somewhat acceptable.

I did not anticipate this.

I have all my artwork printed out already (2.75" circles with the bleed factored in). I was wondering if anyone has a button-press I could use at the con. I have the pin-backs, laminate circles, and metal bases so as long as those fit your machine you wouldn't have to waste any materials on me. And I will even pay you for using the machine. I have looked into sending them out to be professionally done and found a place without minimum orders but it's $3 per button, which is what I already charged for my own materials (art was extra) and so I'd be coming out way behind in the deal when you factor shipping. If it would even get done in time. (I think it would, as long as I ship to my hotel). If it comes to it this is what I will do even though I'll be paying out of pocket.

OR, if anyone has a Badge-A-Minit and any useful tips that'd be even more amazing, because at this point I will have to stop offering buttons for future orders. I can't afford a nice press. :(

I'm quite disappointed but I will not allow my friends and customers to be disappointed. Help or advice is really really appreciated! Thanks for reading.

Any AC-Goers have a button press?


27 June 2014 at 15:39:59 MDT

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