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Hello all~ by Cheshkitten

I am active now both on here and FA =^_^=

I MUCH prefer the layout of Weasyl, but most of my followers are on FurAffinity, so both sites will be mirrors. :)

Commissions for badges and fursuits and rave apparel are all open! Please check out my commissions tab for pricing info.


Hello all~


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    I did something similar, but much more begrudgingly. Not a fan of FA.

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    I still pop on FA to check on people I'm watching that aren't on here, but I'm not uploading any more of my content there. It's strictly dA and Weasyl for me now.

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      I've heard a lot about DA going downhill too... They stole some bigger name artist's work, put it on a tshirt and sold it without the knowledge of the artist. I'd prefer hearsay drama over THAT kind of behavior, any day. I still have a DA but it's been unused for like, 5 years at least.

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        It wasn't DA that sold the artist's work, it was another company that mined DA for art...and it's happened many times before. DA can sell someone's art, but only with the artist's permission.

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          Well, their upload policy basically does say "feel free to use our users art! cause if you do, at least we're not going to get sued, you are". There's sketchy stuff in there either way.

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            Yes, I agree. Fortunately, with the kind of art I do, I'm pretty safe. I don't think my face is going to appear on a tee shirt at Hot Topic anytime soon!

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              Me either, its just the principle of it on top of not giving enough fucks to update that ancient gallery hah