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I'm still drawing, believe it or not. by boogans

Just not posting. My ancient desktop computer died (this time for good) quite a few weeks back, and not long after that my oldish laptop was murdered by a fat attention seeking cat, and it ended up being cheaper to buy a brand new one than to fix the old one.

You'd think this would mean I'd be posting digital work again, since my new laptop is much faster and can handle a heavier workload than the old one. However, it takes an act of congress for my new laptop to recognize my tablet (I installed the newest drivers and everything,) and even when I can get it to recognize it, my lines come out really jittery and for some reason don't match up to where my pointer is on the screen. So digital art is too frustrating for me to deal with when I've got a full time job to worry about securing by August and a house that looks like a miniature tornado went through it. I might mess with it some more later, but it's not a priority in my life at the moment.

I have done some traditional works but I have no scanner atm and the pictures I take with my phone are at such a poor quality that it's discouraging me from sharing anything. Especially on a gallery site like Weasyl.

I do think I'll be getting a scanner within the next few weeks though, so hopefully I'll have some stuff to show off soon enough! I miss posting and participating here.

So yeah. That's what's been going on in Boogans' Land. How are you folks?

I'm still drawing, believe it or not.


24 June 2014 at 11:21:11 MDT

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    Looking forward to that artdump then :3 You never posted anything here that was made entirely traditionally, did you? It's neat to see how differently people draw in digital and in traditional.

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      Nothing but a pencil sketch! I think it's neat to see the differences too.