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Color Palette Challanges? by Kittrel

I saw a couple of these posted here... you are given a specific color palette and have to create something with it. I like art challenges - they keep me going. The idea seems to have originated on DeviantArt. Or possibly tumblr. I don't use either of those. Is there a group for it here? If not, would anyone else be interested in joining one? It doesn't seem like it'd be too tough to set up and keep going - unlike trade groups there's nothing to keep track of, people participate or don't without letting anyone down. Having a collection of all the different art and artists would be really neat though - a challenge is only half as fun if you can't see how others responded to it!

If anyone is still lost, here's an example:

There is a group on DA that puts out a new palette each month and collects the art for everyone in the group to see. That's what I would like to see and/or do!

Color Palette Challanges?


24 June 2014 at 08:37:32 MDT

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    I haven't seen a group like that on Weasyl, but it sounds fun! I'd give it a try!

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    I was doing some on Tumblr a bit ago. Their really fun to do.

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      Thanks for spreading the word! :3