Commission Opening Dates/Future Plan! by Idess

I just wanted to give a heads up of my tentative plan for commissions in the coming months! I hate having a set schedule because I usually aren't able to adhere by it, so these are rough estimates and may very well change, but I know many people are eagerly wanting a commission from me so hopefully this will give you something to plan for! :)

My current queue is public here .Here's my tentative plan:

Next week or two - May open for a batch of $10 Headshots ( ), usually 15-20 slots. Maybe a sketch or two on my Twitter if I'm in the mood?? :) I'd like to not overwhelm myself but I have a lot of bills piling up now after Chloe's surgery and debt is a growing weight on my shoulders, which is forcing me to look at opening for more commissions than I usually would.

~July 11th - Opening for RMFC Badge pre-orders. Opening them a bit late so limited amount will be available (guessing around 15).

August 8-10th is RMFC, which I will be attending and taking commissions at. Please be aware if you are attending, I do not take "large" commissions at cons, unfortunately! I stick to sketches and badges, even for homework, to negate overworking myself. I'm going to try to limit my homework as much as possible but it usually takes me months to get through homework from a con, so...

~September/October - Should be done with RMFC homework! lol. Once I'm finished I plan on opening for some commission slots, but not sure what yet. I'm considering discontinuing my current Traditional Badges in lieu of a different medium, so this may be the time when I will offer a "Badge-a-palooza" and open for Traditional Badges to everyone, as a last hurrah before I stop doing them. As most people know I pretty much ONLY do badges for conventions I attend so this will be a ~big deal~ to offer them to everyone! :)

From then on I don't have a plan. Scary that just that brings me to the cusp of the New Year, without opening for large types of commissions at all, yikes! I'm sorry to anyone who's been wanting a commission from me of a type I'm not currently offering... I can be very slow at art with balancing all of my jobs so commissions are a bit of a rare occurrence from me, though I do enjoy doing them ^^ I really want to try and work more on art and am hoping by being more dedicated and focused I can get more done and therefore have more time for commissions and personal work :)

Thanks everyone! I hope to be able to show off some new artwork soon :)

Commission Opening Dates/Future Plan!


19 June 2014 at 16:22:46 MDT

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