PSA: Re: The recent policy wording & transphobia by LadyFuzztail

I happen to side with the admins and their efforts towards inclusivity. It is with great regret that I have to report that there is a lot of backlash against that progressive move, with some really messed up things being said. Worst of all, some of them are even transfolk that oppose this decision, parroting the same line of reasoning that the transphobes used about being offended and thin-skinned. I am here to tell you right now, here, and then, that if I catch anyone in my spaces making comments against trans-inclusivity, I will block and mute you on all fronts. If you make transphobic comments, I will spare no quarter and pull no punches towards naming and shaming you.

I do not tolerate transphobia, not under any circumstances. If nothing else, my page will designated a safe-zone for transfolk.

PSA: Re: The recent policy wording & transphobia


18 June 2014 at 14:00:04 MDT

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    Since I opposed the change in the forum and later yelled at the mods for it, I should explain myself.

    Initially, I opposed it because the backlash I felt was overblown (the intent of transphobia was obviously not there, which to me is most important) and that the resulting change would weaken the rules significantly. In the end, the mods did a good job of rewording it and it's actually clearer than it originally was, although I would have liked more discussion on the matter, which is what I took the most exception to policy-wise.

    I'm the last person who would intentionally say anything against trans or anyone part of the LGBTQ/intersex spectrum, but I feel that the original wording referred to physical sex characteristics rather than gender, which to me is entirely separate from trans and gender identity as a whole. The problem is that we use terms like "male" and "female" to describe both the extremes of gender identity and the extremes of physical sexual dimorphism, and there are no words in the English language that properly differentiates them.

    A curious thing I've gleaned from those on the other side of the debate is that the trans/LGBTQ community is incredibly choosy and toxic about what constitutes transgender. There are those who feel that even identifying biological/physical sex as something that requires therapy to change is transphobic as a result because of the exclusionary stance the community has against non-transitioning transfolk like myself (and, in the forums, SpottyJaguar). This highlights a broader problem to me, because the very condition of being transgender is that your gender identity does not match your physical sex. Nothing can change that about you until one of those things change, and preferably the latter; Certainly not the LGBTQ community or anyone else. The decision not to transition is one that can't be taken lightly, and carries with it a heavy burden. It isn't a sign of cowardice or retreat, but a function of the cruel reality that there can be many complications, some of which can be life-threatening and many of which could result in throwing away one's entire life. The notion that defining physical sex somehow degrades one's ability to claim they are trans is absolutely preposterous. To me, that notion itself is transphobic.

    Anyway, that about sums up my position.

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      Yeah, I do not approve of being exclusionary of non transitionary transfolk. Transfolk should look out for each other, regardless of whether the person has transitioned or not.

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    I've had a fairly limited perspective/exposure on this, but I think I can say with certainty that pretty much everyone raising a big stink about it is a huge drama queen and it should have never exploded to this degree.

    On a sidenote, do let me know in the future if I end up saying something misinformed or ignorant.

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    Wait, what happened? Did I miss something? D;

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      The site policy had some gendered wording which had some unfortunate implications, the wording has since been changed so that it is more inclusive and less problematic. This provoked some transphobes to come out of the woodwork and say some pretty fucked up things over the situation.

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        Wow. That's just horrible of them. D:<

        Fuck them assholes.

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    I'm not discriminatory, I hate everyone equally! <3

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      Note: this is a slightly misguided attempt at humor. If you're not laughing or even smirking, I apologize.