Eyes drs and live stream schedule change by whiteicepanther

I went to the eye dr today, found out my eye strain has improved so much that I don't need to wear glasses anymore! Woo! My old glasses are now technically a bit too strong for my eyes. But I can still use them for like night driving once in a while.

Which is cool, cause I haven't worn my glasses in ages and have been much more careful about how I use my computer in regards to how it can affect my eye sight. It totally paid off! :D

So, that's all exciting happiness! The only problem is, I haven't been back long from the eye dr and my eyes are still completely dialated. I'm not sure how long exactly it's going to take for this to wear off. I can handle looking at the screen long enough to write all this but I don't think I could handle doing a livestream with my eyes buggin' out of my head lol.

Thus I'm more than likely going to push the stream to Thursday instead of today.

I also am hoping to start that stream earlier in the day then my usual ones so that I can not only be available for a wider range of time-zones, but stay streaming longer. Of course I'd probably take a 15 minute break every couple hours to stretch and refuel, but I'd like to stream for a couple more hours to fit in more commissions.

That's bout it!


Eyes drs and live stream schedule change


17 June 2014 at 11:56:48 MDT

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