**HAY YOU! Anyone up for some icon trades? :3 by Delle

I want s'more icons to use and I also really want to draw some icons but drawing a bunch of icons of my own character is gonna get repetitive and I like showing off other people's art. :3

Soooooo... anyone wanna do some trades? ^__^

I'm looking for emotions/themes like the ones listed below, in digital only.
Sorry, I don't think icons look as great traditionally even though traditionally colored art is more of my favorite.
incredibly excited
ball jointed doll (either playing with a dollie, or being a dollie)
sculpting with clay
laptop gaming
drawing (with a Cintiq tablet or pencils in a sketchbook)

This is my character: https://charahub.com/character/169028/Drip
Click on the images tab to see other images. Feel free to ask for more.

Here are some icon examples: https://www.weasyl.com/submissions/sashimineko?folderid=40990
I have done more icons than these, but this is what is left after hopping accounts and such. xD
I know they're kinda basic, but it's my most recent one. Whatever I end up doing will be inked and colored of course, but I'll put in your mood/theme/emotion that you'd like and a more interesting background. Style may or may not be different. (ie. chibi, textures, etc) Your character won't be just standing there and smiling, unless that's what you want! :)

But yes... let me know if you're up for it! ^____^

**HAY YOU! Anyone up for some icon trades? :3


15 June 2014 at 19:12:13 MDT

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    I do these icons: http://www.sk1p.com/kittrel/ If you are interested I am up for a trade! They have slowed down a bunch lately. :/

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      If it's for one of the ones at the top, I'd have to pass. I have a lot of smiley type icons already. Looking for ones with action/movement or other emotions atm. Sorry about that!

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        It's okie! :3

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    Yo! I'd be up for a trade if you're still looking! I like the character, and your themes seem like a lot of fun.

    I don't really have any examples for icons (aside from pixels, and I don't generally trade with those), but my gallery is full of things I've drawn. I also do icons in this style, if you'd be interested.

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      I'll do any trade with you! Your style is pretty darn rad!! :o
      Just lemmie know who and what themes you'd like and I'll hop on it tonight!

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        Ah, sweet! Thanks! Can you do this thing? As to themes - I don't know, pretty much anything goes. When I draw them smiling they tend to look a bit malicious, so the generic calm smiling headshot thing might not be too appropriate, but you don't seem too interested in doing that, anyway.

        Do you have a preference between my standard stuff and the griffonage icons? I might try both, really, I have the time.

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          Whichever you think is best! ^__^ And I'll try to come up with something good!

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          I hope this is okay: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/671856/mascot
          They'e still kinda just standing there.. so I fail on that part. But it got me to practice a different coloring technique and it looks pretty rad I think, so a win I think! :D Let me know if the eye color is wrong. I just used my eyedropper tool to pull from the ref. :x

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            Ah, sweet! You are actually the first person to get his eye color right, I think. I probably should have made it clearer on the reference. |D

            I made this and this, and there's a third one I haven't shaded yet.
            I. I get bored at my house.

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              Holy poop those are awesome!! I never thought of doing icons that weren't faces!! O__O That is so cool! You are so darn awesome!
              Btw, mind if I do my cute thing on them? XD I kinda wanted to do full body.. but icon. x3

              This be the cute thing I do: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/670220/zen x3

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              Would you mind also shooting me a collections thingie? :3