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Just a life update! by quaggy

It's been so long since I wrote a journal entry of any kind! I normally just use them for advertisements and commission openings and news bulletins, but I realize that in the past I used to be a lot more approachable and personal with my online presence. So I just wanted to give a quick update on what's going on with me right now!

The family emergency from this April was a really big red flag with my dad's health, and I was in Texas for a month during multiple brain surgeries of his to make sure that everything went smoothly. I was really worried about him when I left (I couldn't afford to stay in Texas with virtually no income any longer than a month) but he's pretty much fully recovered at this point and is doing great! I think he's really bored right now because he's doing a lot of physical therapy and occupational therapy, and he kind of feels like he's in kindergarten.

With my family's health issues and multiple cases of young deaths or complications at a young age, the surgeon recommended that I get multiple things checked out for myself as an extra precaution. I'm not very financially well off, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get those things taken care of, but I'm trying to take care of my body in the meantime. I'm really hesitant to talk about my health issues or speculations about my own health conditions in public, but I really want to start being open about more things, since it might help me connect with others who know more about them.

At this point I've figured out that I probably have asthma (apparently it's evident from a particular way of coughing, and I also can't do that breathy test thing where you blow into the...valve...thing....and try to make it go past the line??? I have no idea what it's called or how to describe it but if you've ever seen one you probably know what I'm talking about). I found out completely by accident that I've probably been having seizures my whole life (I never knew they were seizures and they've been a constant source of confusion in my life because you'd never know by watching me that I was having one. I honestly had no idea that seizures didn't necessarily include convulsing, although I've experienced both). I'm living fine with both of these, though, so I'm not worried about either affecting me overall. However, if you have experience with either of these conditions and wouldn't mind talking to me about them sometime, I'd love to hear from you! Particularly the seizures, since I know a few people with asthma that I talk to regularly already. (:

Otherwise, I want to get checked out for the possibility of aneurysms (which is what my dad had/has, and multiple other family members have had) and see a dermatologist to get some of my moles checked, since I've had some new ones pop up and a few seem abnormal. I don't really have the extra funds for any of this right now (or even to confirm my other conditions) but I'm getting better at saving up, so hopefully within the next year or so I can start getting everything taken care of. In the meantime, like I said, I'm just trying to take good care of my body!

Aside from all of the health stuff, most of what I think about or do these days revolves around art and work and moving. I'm trying to update regularly and keep a consistent schedule with art stuff, and I'm working to maybe move up in my day job (which has been going really well so far and a lot of people I work with seem receptive to the idea, even encouraging). Since our lease is up in August, flir, cubi, and myself will be moving. I'm not sure yet where any of us will end up, but I know for sure I'll still be somewhere around Disney World, since I'm not ready to leave yet!!

Next month tent will be visiting, and I'm super excited to have her in Florida! I'll definitely be dragging her to Megaplex with me, so if you'll be there, let me know! bohemia is visiting shortly afterwards. I'll also be attending Midwest Furfest later this year. I won't be at Anthrocon, though, unless by some miracle I manage to have the funds just in time. Really, though, I'd rather save my money for other things I need more than social time!

If you want to hear from me more regularly, you can always follow my personal twitter account, @spencejem, since I'm trying to be a little more active and friendly! It's been a while since I attempted to really socialize online, so I'm kind of rusty, but I miss you guys and I love talking to/meeting new people, so please don't be shy!

Thanks for reading and for all of your kind words and continued support.

Just a life update!


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    It's good to hear your dad is alright, family stuff like that is always very scary! As for the health stuff, it's good that you're doing your best to take care of yourself, hang in there!

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    Egads, I'm glad he's okay...AND that you're keeping such a close eye on your own health. We need our Quaggys around for a good, long while!

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    Glad to hear your dad is doing better Jem. I can't even imagine how scary that must have been.
    Hopefully you can get things checked out soon to make sure everything is a-okay. I'm always around on Skype if you wanna chat too! It was nice talking to you on there and stuff :D