Should Be Streaming Today - already happened by whiteicepanther

Heads up, there should be stream open for commissions today!

I'm not sure what time exactly I'll be starting, but it will be starting between 4pm - 7pm EST. How long will it last? That'll depend. I try to keep a commission stream going for at least 4 hours, though they usually go longer I believe. As always, I'll post a journal saying when I'm live. You can also keep an eye on my twitter ( ).

What commission sale am I offering? More $10 colored sketches and $15 simple flats.

Examples can be found in my commissions folder.

In a week or two I'll am planning to switch gears a little and do a RP character themed set of streams. They're be two types. One will be a "design your character," for those who have an idea but no images to go with it yet. The second will be great for those who need/want a drawing of their character ready for battle, as it will feature your character in full armor/wardrobe and possibly they're choice weapon.

These likely wont run on the same day and are going to be more time consuming; therefore, a couple days before the stream I will be opening up slots for people to RSVP in. If someone is interested and can't make that time, I'll probably be willing to set up a different time for a second stream. But we shall see.

'Til tonight,

Should Be Streaming Today - already happened


12 June 2014 at 09:24:41 MDT

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