Probably not streaming tonight by whiteicepanther

So Tuesdays seem to be, for now, what'll be one of my more consistent days for streaming. That is, with exception to today.

I'm not 100% health wise at the moment and don't think I should be spending several hours sitting in front of a computer today.

Now, this could change, so keep an eye out just in case. I can say I am 98% sure I will be streaming at some point this Thursday. I just have to double check on a couple things before I settle on the time I'll be starting.

On a slightly different note, I am considering offering more time consuming stream commissions. Obviously they will cost more, due to the time and effort it takes to put into them. My current thinking is that I'll open up slots in my journal here, and on my other 2 galleries, stating what is available. Then you can book a slot with me and we'll arrange a date and time for the stream.

It's just one idea of mine. Another idea is I might shake things up a bit and do con badges in an upcoming stream. They'd be like the flats except would include a cooler looking colored background and of course your, or your characters, name. If anyone is interested let me know.

Also if you have ideas for a stream commission theme, go ahead and shout 'em out! One that has been suggested for RPs, particularly DnD, would be posses of characters in their armor. Personally, I think this sounds like quite a bit of fun and I do plan to offer this at somepoint. Though I might use the RSVP system I mentioned for it - or something similar.

That's about all for now.

Probably not streaming tonight


10 June 2014 at 14:26:49 MDT

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    Hey, really hope you feel better quick, WIP!

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      I should, it's not that I'm sick or becoming ill, it's more like the mother nature playing pranks. We had one of our famous sudden shifts in air pressure and humidity. So it went from a nice 80s to a "Oh my gosh I'm dying and could stick to the walls like a gecko!" 80s with on and off flash downpoors that only made the humidity worse. Luv it. :P

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        Oh wonderful! Nothing to make life more fun like absurd levels of humidity!

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          Especially with nothing but a couple fans and the hopes it goes away to escape it! :D