Crit night is on! by Sammacha

For those of you who are wanting to participate in crit night just letting you know it is 100% ON!

I've got 6 people that are for sure participating (basically the minimum amount needed).
I've kicked one person from last time who still has not submitted their crit, I am really kind of upset about that, lol. They have just ignored me since then and that's a shame since they seemed really gung ho about it. Thats their loss.

A few other people have not gotten back to me so I am assuming that they are busy.
Hopefully they find some time to join and that would bring us up to 12 participants.

so for those who are participating feel free to INVITE FRIENDS, or recommend a person to me and I will invite them. They can be from any site and from any part of the world as crit night is not restrictive in anyway to time zones. They just need to have an E-mail they check and actually reply me lol.
I invite a few people when I see that
They want to improve and help others improve artwork
They are currently active (if I think you are away or too busy I will not extend a personal invite, please don't take this personally)

If your interested, know someone who might be, or want to join, please see my previous journal entry found here:

Crit night is on!


8 June 2014 at 23:43:47 MDT

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