getting back to work! (and my 18+ account) by slothbug

I'm sorry about my lack of activity the past month or so. I hadn't been sleeping so my health got worse bla blah BUT! I've been sleeping more normally this last week so I'm feeling a bit better! Hopefully I'll find the energy to do some art soon. I've wanted to draw some but just couldn't quite pull it together.
Also! I went ahead and created a separate 18+ account over here: bugjuice bugjuice !!
I made one on FA but before I really got a chance to put some art on it the exodus happened haha
I'm probably going to take some requests over there this week to get a lil bit of fresh art on it and to loosen up after this month of pretty much not drawing. I don't call it a NSFW account because most of it won't be really sexual? Most of my interests are really more visual I guess. I will cross post a little bit, but anything fetish-y or gory will be going over there.


getting back to work! (and my 18+ account)


8 June 2014 at 21:07:26 MDT

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