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06/8/14-Sunday News 8- Noir Werewolves and new channel. by LudoCrow

The news

This week I've returned back to business proper. It's not entirely been uneventful but at least had a nice flow and interesting commissions nonetheless. If anything, it's been good to get back into the beat. Similarly, I got some very enjoyable commissions to work with.
This said, it seems like a certain amount of users have been having issues with Picarto's chat. so this week I will tentatively trying out a new stream service in Tigerdile. So far the service seem functional based on quick tests run yesterday, however the real test will be of course when I'll publicly stream this week.

So, in the meanwhile, please go update your bookmarks and note that Tigerdile requires a (admitedly free for watchers) account to log into the chat:

Note that tigerdile also support the ability for users to receives notifications from the stream via either twitter or email.

On other subjects, I have also re-opened offline commissions again, which will be taken and completed outside of livestream hours. You can read a bit more about them below in the section about it farther below in this journal.

Also, last week I ran a small poll to determine next week's theme. As is stands, the winner of the poll as I write this is "Werewolf Noir". So be prepare to put on your PI trenchcoat and pack your silver bullets. More on all that in this week's Livestream schedule at the end of this journal.

And though this is more of a cautionary warning and nothing is set in stone, but I may slowly increase my price-rate a little bit to follow the advices of many of my aquaintances. Nothing is set in stone but know that even if I do it would be only a mere bump of 5$ on livestream commissions going from 25$ per hours to 30$ per hours and would only be enacted in july at the earliest.

Offline Commissions Queue

As said, after a small experiment to help pay for my new replacement stylus last week, I've also decided to re-open offline commissions. It's not everyone who can attend the streams I run every days during the week and when it comes down to it I still have a lot of free hours outside of streaming hours even once every house chores has been dealt with so it's not like I lack. Also, since a commissioner cannot be there to watch when they are being produced, offline commissions thus use a fixed pricerate instead of an hourly rate.

The price rate for offline commissions, as well as the available types, is as follow:

Line Sketches: 15$
Flat Colored sketches: 25$
Toned monochrome sketches: 20$ example:…
Shaded monochrome sketches: 25$ example:…
Shaded colored sketches: 30$

Note these prices are open to to be adjusted based on the complexity or simplicity of a request. Additional characters, elaborate character designs(armor/complex wings/etc) and the presence of backgrounds can respectively require an increase of 50% in the total price each, whereas simplistic characters(a formless blob like sir blobington here for example:… might actually be 50% cheaper.

So far, the queue for offline commissions is as follow:

Slot 1: nothere nothere

Slot 2: nothere nothere

Slot 3: OPEN

Slot 4: OPEN

Slot 5: OPEN

Expect a journal to be posted when the queue is fully empty again.

Livestream Schedule for 06/09-06/13

Week's theme: Werewolf Noir

It's time to put on your trenchcoat and to load your standard issue with silver bullets! Werewolf Noir week is here! This mean that commissions of werewolves(in any themes) and noir-themed commissions(which may or may not involves werewolves) will both get a 10% discount! Note that this discount -also- applies to offline commissions, not just those taken on livestream :)

As usual, my hourly rate is 25$/hours which for discounted commissions becomes 22,50$/hours :) (Smile)

(Hours given are representative of the EST timezone)
Monday: 7h00pm-11h00pm
Tuesday 7h00pm-11h00pm
Wednesday 7h00pm-11h00pm
Thursday: 12pm-4pm
Friday: 7h30pm-12h00am

06/8/14-Sunday News 8- Noir Werewolves and new channel.


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