Donation Update 6, Almost Broke Yaaay by QuetzaDrake

Well, I didn’t think I’d need to continue this, but I guess I do.

Okay, so, since January… Well, my mom’s car has been fixed for a while and has been running relatively okay for the past few months. She’s been using it fine. However… since then, around my birthday, my own car’s starter has become in need of repair/replacement. The issue was that the battery was getting drained, so eventually it would stop trying to start. Using jumper cables causes it to start, but it would eventually just die again later. We thought it might be the battery itself, since it was old, but we’ve since gotten it replaced with a new one and it still has the problem, meaning it’s the starter draining the battery. I requested my birthday present from my dad to be for him to pay to replace it, but he hasn’t really talked about it with me at all, so I’ll need to talk to him about that really soon so I can go get employed, which I need to do really, really quickly.

Despite all your incredibly, incredibly way-too-much donations, I am now incredibly near the red as far as my available funds go. I feel incredibly guilty and ashamed that, even though you guys have given so much, that I’m near that point still. Things just keep coming up to pull more and more money away, and because these things are often car-related in some way or another, I still haven’t been able to feel secure in finding a job I can actually get to. And I also accept plenty of personal blame, as I’ve gotten lazy concerning commissions and other possible money-making ventures that could help bandage the huge figurative wound I have now, but I’ve been scared enough to get off my ass and start doing that immediately.

So, what I ask of you now makes me feel really bad, but I’d appreciate any spare change you guys have to help me delay as long as possible, until I can get my starter for my car fixed and I can finally go find a job. I feel like a heel and a beggar, and it really sucks, but you have to do what you have to do to not… get in super-trouble with debt and bills and food and stuff. So spread the word if you can, help out if you really can, and I promise that by summer’s end I’ll be able to turn off this stupid donation widget once and for all (or else I will really be fucked no matter what).

Thank you,

QD. <- Link to the PitchIn page.

Donation Update 6, Almost Broke Yaaay


6 June 2014 at 19:50:17 MDT

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