A few commission-related questions -- looking for some opinions by Onyx Serpent

Things have been pretty slow the last couple of months from my freelance client, but I've signed up for a few classes now that should eat up a reasonable chunk of time. Not all of it, of course, but some. Anyway, I've been pondering once again if I should actually try to get some commissions rolling -- I've had pretty meh results in the past, but that's probably because I don't upload quite as much as some others do (I currently have a few things that'll maybe be worth uploading from one of said classes, but they aren't done yet, yay). I have, as a whole been pretty much ignoring art sites recently and I know this is bad and need to get out of this habit. I think I'm pretty much going to be dropping FA though and just stick with Weasyl and DA. Though to a certain point I kinda would want to drop DA as well. Oh well.

Anyway, I have some questions regarding that for you awesome followers/readers/etc! So please, read on and answer, if you would be so kind. :D

Basically my goal here would to be to pay for some of my optional stuff -- like another 8GB of memory (but I guess that's only semi-optional, thanks Photoshop, king of RAM-usage) and maybe get Wildstar -- while taking my classes and waiting to have a bigger pile of work from the freelance peeps. If it goes well, maybe I can do more substantial images, but for now, just stuff I can do in one sitting so I don't have to worry about stuff getting backlogged sounds good to me. :)

  • In order for you to feel comfortable commissioning someone, what would you need to see, activity-wise? If it makes a difference, I'd probably only be opening up a couple of slots at a time and would have approximate turnaround times listed. Would streaming my art make any difference on this either?
  • How many samples would you want to see for something in a lower price bracket ($15 - $30 avatars probably, not sure on price yet) to feel like you knew what you were getting?
  • If you did commission me, would you want the avatar (or whatever thing I'd be doing to start off with) to be streamed so you could watch me work? Have any preferences for streaming sites?
  • Besides avatars, is there anything else like that which you might like that'd be somewhere in/around that price range? Sketches maybe? I'm probably forgetting something obvious.

Any other comments along that line would also be great. :D I really do wanna get this rolling fo' reals for once.

A few commission-related questions -- looking for some opinions

Onyx Serpent

6 June 2014 at 12:56:39 MDT

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    1) When I commission someone, I like to see updates often; even if the artist isn't working on my commission yet I like to see that they are still active. In addition, I would at least hope for weekly communication (some people work slow). Quality should be consistent between pieces.
    2) 2-3 samples is a good number. 1 is fine for experimental, limited, or "on a whim" works.
    3) Streaming is a neat bonus, I wouldn't require it but it is very nice to be able to instantly give feedback.
    4) New ways of presenting old ideas is always great; even if it's a badge, to break up the composition or include an interesting theme is always fun.