Limited Commissions CLOSED by Idess

I am opening for a limited amount/type of commissions! I want to slowly ease back into commissions and try not to overwhelm myself again, so I'm limiting types as well as slots.

What I am offering:

Reference Sheets

Prices: SEE HERE (Digital Art - Reference Sheets)

1. Taken
2. Taken

Watercolor Single Character Painting
Painting on 9x12" paper. Can be a pinup if desired! Single character only, decorative/wash background ONLY I'm not offering full scenic backgrounds at this time. Some examples below are of "Colored sketches" but yours will be more detailed and less sketchy than colored sketches


Price: $70 (+$7 shipping in US if you want original painting)

1. Utunu
2. Utunu (Kikivuli)

Some extra charges may apply to complex characters, feather wings, or any large "props" (pets, large instruments, etc).

Paypal only. Full payment up front. must pay by Saturday (6/7) or you forfeit your claim on the slot. A lot of people want commissions from me and it's only fair to offer them to those that have the money on hand ready to pay promptly.

To claim a slot, please comment here or send me a note/PM with what type of commission you want AND your email! I prefer email communication and will email you the details after you claim a slot.
First come, first served.
I will post this on Weasyl first for a few hours before advertising it on Twitter and then FurAffinity if I still have open slots.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions n.n

Limited Commissions CLOSED


4 June 2014 at 13:22:26 MDT

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    Any interest in a colored Cute-tunu picture? :)

    • Link

      Of course! n.n

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        Woo! Count me in then. :) What about a Cute-ivuli one too?

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          Sure if you want to grab both watercolor slots I'm fine with that! :D

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            Hehe let's go with that. :)

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            Remind me the paypal again? And just one extra shipping cost, since I assume you'll ship 'em together?

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              That's correct! Paypal is idessfolf at gmail :3 Thanks Utunu! I'll probably send you an email just for confirmation to get the email stream going and make it easier for me to contact ya X3

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                Sent a paypal!

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    fuckkkkk, missed it, i gotta check here more often :/

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      Heh yea I always try to offer to Weasyl first as a sort of promotion for the site, I sometimes remind/notify people on my IdessArt twitter as well ^^