6-1-14 - State of teh Kitteh #1 by AngelicDirt

"Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds." - J. Robert Oppenheimer


And in order to create a better world, one must destroy the last.... I'd sing a certain song about a wrecking ball, but then you'd really hate me.

Sooo, what's up? No excusing it. Been the most inactive thing everywhere I go. And I think it's the lack direction. And confidence. And... and enough of what I lack. This is what I have.

I was between the dichotomy of acquiring an actual job and who I am as an artist. It has occurred to me that some combination of bad credit and bad 'performance' makes me unhireable, and that I'm kinda better at art anyways. Having moved, everything is... mostly emotionally stable. Maybe I can actually get something awesome done...

SO... Kitteh has schedule nao.

Sunday: Journal/businessy crap (This, right here, every week)
Monday-Wednesday: Offline work
Thursday: Recording (Art and gaems; leenk when available)
Friday: Streaming (Art and gaems; leenk when available)
Saturday: Upload day

... More over, I'd like to have a separate portfolio that actually makes me look good. My galleries are a little cluttered. But that's another task for later. So, full portfolio by October. Because goals.

MOST importantly, Another problem has been.. my rates. Before, I'd state my rates and while I liked the prices as a consumer, I'd hate them as an artist. So, prices stay the same until August. In August, My prices will be based on an hourly rate and will reflect the average time I spend on a project. I'll explain it when we get there. Surprisingly, it's still low-end after I increase it. Some people... they have some rates, I'll tell ya. Also, after ~6 months, rate increase. You know, not a full year. I need incentives too, you know. :B

Lastly, I think I know where I get my overall inspiration from...


I give you The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. Mellow, soporific, and kiddish on the outside; deep, action-packed, and even a little dark on the inside. Loved this friggin' show. I must have been ~3 when I watched this. This is one of those show you KNOW you know, but you forget what it was called or even what it was about. Methinks I'll be watching this for a while. w

Meh, cya next week. Here's hoping that persistence is the key. ^^;

6-1-14 - State of teh Kitteh #1


1 June 2014 at 16:23:59 MDT

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