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Okayy, so as you guys know I moved in with my brother. Well he lost net sometime wednesday, so I've not been on until today when I went to spend the weekend elsewhere. He has net, and while he's napping I decided to jump on the community computer here (he's got about 3/4 roomies renting from him) and check on things.

Life has been weird and hectic lately. I got a temp job at walmart on the remodel team and kinda hoping that I'll be kept on after the 6 weeks are up (just four weeks to go!) and that I'm not going to have to search for a method of keeping the job if they offer it to me.

So, letting you guys know, I'll check things when/if I can. I might be quiet/absent most of the time but I'm still alive.

Share this with my twin okay? (You know who you are that I'm talking to lol) and you're gunna lose your tail when I can steal it from you next LOL.



31 May 2014 at 16:39:44 MDT

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    I'm sorry to hear you don't have net. I hope you keep your job too. I was wondering what happened to you, now I know and don't have to worry so much.

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      before net was lost, living with bro means living with three kids. All girls, one is 2, one is 6 and the other 7. Loud and chaotic and net was so bad I couldn't watch streams. Slowly it got to where it was more aggravating to get on my computer at all when the kids were home and I got to where I just didn't get on to save myself the headache.

      That's what happened before. I might color or make some kind of banner tonight while this guy i'm staying with for the weekend is gone to work, or at least work on it till I'm tired enough to go to bed. lol (i'd go take a nap now, but he's in there sleeping, and since i think he works tonight.. i don't want to risk waking him up so that he's tired at work)

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        Oh jesus. Yeah, I can understand why it'd be difficult to watch streams or look at a lot of things because of how inappropriate they are for children.