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Commissions are OPEN by PotatoOtter

I'm now open for some commissions: full color pics and sketches, all digital.

Sketches will be $15, similar to the ones here:

Full color images will start at $50, more depending on other factors, mostly more characters and the like. Two character images will typically be $75. Samples are, well, pretty much anything in my galleries.

Another option is if you have commissioned a sketch from me, like from last October's Sketch Fiesta, I can ink/color it for $30.

Payments via PayPal or we can work something out.

I will try to do all the ones I receive but may cut it off at some point. I will attempt to receive orders up until Saturday, May 31st, midnight US Pacific time. So in the name of fairness, it'll be first come-first served. Also, in that same vein and the sake of my organizational sanity, DO NOT CONTACT ME HERE. INSTEAD, EMAIL ME AT POTATOOTTER@GMAIL.COM

In your email TO POTATOOTTER@GMAIL.COM make sure you include:

~Your name (Fandom/FA/Weasyl/etc names are okeedokee)
~Some kind of contact (Email preferred)
~If you want a sketch or color image or if you want me to ink/color one I sketched previously
~A description of what you want in the picture
~References if needed (attached to email or a link is fine)

Stuff: I reserve the right to refuse images or commissioners that I find distasteful. No requests including, but not limited to: extreme violence, bathroom substances, hyper stuff, kids or propaganda against Taco Bell.

Thank you and Spud bless,

Commissions are OPEN


28 May 2014 at 19:11:22 MDT

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