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Après Confuzzled Creative Itch by RainbowCrumbs

Now that I'm back home from the tremendous technicolour torment that was Confuzzled 2014, I appear to have caught and carried with me some art-fleas that won't stop biting. This itch needs to be satisfied, and I can currently only see one way out.

Props and plushies my dear fuzz-faces. Props and plushies.

I've found over the years that although my brain carries many grand ideas for drawings, paintings and digital delights, I rarely find the motivation to sit long enough and translate them into a visual design. They're just not interesting enough to keep me pumped on completing it. However, I've discovered movement and chaos feed my productivity like oxygen to a flame - so long as my hands are busy crafting, I'm the happiest of beasties you'll stumble across.
I loved every minute of creating my suit, (I should have allowed myself far more time for it, but loved the rush all the same.) and am already under way with the designs of next year's. The Wonderland theme revealed at Confuzzled's closing ceremony is right up my street, I've already got various costumes and tea party prep - so I'll certainly be in my element.
Whilst I'm daydreaming and drawing up thoughts for how spectacular I can make of the occasion, I need something to occupy my fingertips to keep me from sinking into the hum-drum of reality and work.
I've not done it before, so excuse me if it's crudely presented;

I'm hereby available for three custom craft projects.
These may be fursuit props, plushies or art dolls - potentially sculpture and puppets at a later date.

I've not many examples to share, despite what I've made, as tend to give them away before taking pictures. I have found a couple, however, and those who know me can tell you all I get up to.
• Redd the Bandersnatch Artdoll - Owned by Eda
• Two Dragon plushies for GenIchi -

I cannot offer set prices, as there are so many variations to consider. As a rough guidance, the dragons 20" long (50cm), are £30ea. Contact me via DM on twitter @RainbowCrumbs where I frequent most, or send me a message / note on any account (Weasyl, dA, FA, Skype, UKFur) for a quote with your ideas.

I aim for a month turnaround, and will keep you updated throughout the process.

In the meantime, I'm going to be starting a few miniature projects of my own, including getting back into animatronics and robotics. I've missed toying about with gizmos and gadgets, and would love to re-learn so I could perhaps, in future, apply them to my 'suit work among other things.
To all of you who attended Confuzzled, (-and of course, those who organised it) I wish to thank you for simply being there, making the whole thing an awe-inspiring experience. I didn't take half as many photos as I'd hoped, as was far too busy mingling and making the most of the events. You've no doubt had just as good a time as I and I look forward to hopefully seeing you at the next!

Over and out -

Après Confuzzled Creative Itch


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