Next Crit Night by Sammacha

Hi guys,
Some of you may know about my crit night event. I've had's first on back in March, and all of the feedback I received was good. Majority of the people who were able to participate decided that they would love to participate again so here is round 2.
It will take place on July 26 and operate in the same manner as the previous one as I had no complaints on the way that I had run it.

If you are someone who previously participated feel free to offer input on how I could make it better or easier for you.

If you are someone new and would like to participate or just see what its all about please visit
All the info and the last crit night can be found on this page.
all crit is welcome, and if you do not wish to submit artwork but wish to sending some crit please let me know.
I am requesting that people sign up early June so I can add them to my E-mail list.

As usual you can contact me here on weasyl or by E-mail
please note that to participate you must be able to maintain good communication via E-mail as I send group E-mails rather then individual ones and please sign up ONLY if you are able to participate and understand the rules.

Thank you

Next Crit Night


27 May 2014 at 21:57:54 MDT

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    YES CRIT NIGHT! -flips house- Really happy to see this still going on, I'll definitely be participating again. :3

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      Thanks Moogle! I am really hoping we have enough people, seems a few more people have dropped off the map D:

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    This sounds AWESOME! I would love to participate! Do you need my email?