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FWG presidency announcement by Poetigress

FWG presidency announcement


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    Congratulations. Was this the office you were seeking or having to run it again?

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      Yeah, this was what I was running for. It just turned out that the incumbent had to withdraw, so I sort of won by default. >^_^<

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    I already said congrats, but congrats again.
    I also have a practical reason for this post, though, which is to ask whether or not you might start cross-posting the Guild journals on FA over here at Weasyl as well? And yes, I am totally speaking as a staff member/Weasyl representative when I ask that.

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      That's in the plans for the near future, yes. (And by "near future," I mean "probably later this week.")

      I should note, though, that the furry social media pages (FA, here, and maybe SoFurry if I can figure that place out) are pretty much going to just be signposts leading people to the website/forums, as least as long as I'm maintaing them. I don't plan on doing watchbacks, for example, and will probably limit things to just journal posts for crucial announcements.

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        I don't see why they'd have to be anything more than that, yeah. Obviously we want the most participation in places like the forums. I just figured the Weasylites might be interested in the Guild, or there might be some Guild folks (cough like me cough) who stopped using FA in favor of this place.

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          P.S. Thanks again for stepping up to this job. I really mean that.