Anthrocon Meme 2014 by Witchiebunny

How do you want to be addressed?
"Witchie", "Witchiebunny", "Bun", "Renee"

I identify and present as female. :)

Ugh. "old". i.e 30

What do you look like?
I'm a 5'5, fat black woman with ridiculously curly hair.

Where/how can I find you?
I'll be somewhere in the Dealer's Room or over at Registration, as I work for both departments.

How are you getting there?
Megabus. :c

What hotel are you staying at?
The Westin.

Which days will you be attending?
I'm arriving Wednesday afternoon, departing Monday afternoon

Do you do requests?
Though I am an artist, I'm not attending as an artist. So...if you shove a sketchbook in my face, I'll sketch but I'm not doing anything major.

Do you do trades?
Sure, if you want.

Do you do commissions?
Not at the con, no. Find me before or after. ;)

Will you have prints, CDs, or merchandise?

Will you have Art in the Art Show?
Signs point to no... too much work to try to get things together at this point and I simply don't have the time, energy or inclination.

Who will you be with?
Reg staff, Dealer's room staff, shujintribble shujintribble, whoever else I can get to hang out with.

What is your main purpose for attending?
Friends, and helping to support the convention that is, essentially home for me.

Can I talk to you?
Sure if you want.

Can I take pictures with you?
Sure? I don't know why you'd want to.

Can I touch/hug/cuddle you?
Not if I don't know you and give you the go ahead. I'm VERY VERY strict on that. No Touchy.

Can I hang out with you?
Sure if you want.

Do you go to parties?
Uhm, I'm not a party person but I'll come by if invited.

Do you fursuit/costume?
No. Not really.

What is the best way to reach you?
Tweeting at me or texting me. I don't give out my cell phone number in general, so tweeting @witchiebunny is probably your best bet.

Anything else?
I like sushi. And Booze. <3

Anthrocon Meme 2014


24 May 2014 at 08:44:19 MDT

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