[Original Species] Furutsunomimis by XMireillechanX

Okay, so to get to know these little creatures better and know what they are exactly, I think this journal would help fill everyone in who's interested in this species.

Furutsunomimis are a closed species. That means you can't make your own copy or copy this species information for your own species or character/s.
I'm not claiming I own fruit, animal ears and tails. This is just my own version of a fruit inspired species.

Once I get enough of these little guys out there. I'll allow up to a few specific people to make their own. But being as they're new, I wanna keep these babies to myself for awhile. >w<


❥"Furutsunomimi" comes from a combination of the Japanese word for "fruit" and the word for "animal ears", mushed together to create one word.
❥They are beings with animal ears that resemble fruit that has been sliced in half.
❥Their tails can also resemble the fruit, either with the pattern of the fruit or the shape.
❥There are male and female of the species, but there are no subtle differences between the two aside from gender.
❥Their ears and tails can have the same consistency of the fruit they mimic, squishy, hard, gooey, etc.
❥All furutsunomimis give off a faint scent of the fruit they mimic, this helps them better camouflage in with the fruit they hide among.
❥The furutsunomimis come from a village/clan type society of their own species.

❥When a female is ready to give birth, she travels back to her birthplace to give birth, the male usually returns with her, unless he is from another clan. (Of course this is frowned upon. And this is where we get into the hybrid species, like I gave in my example of say a strawberry/banana one.)
❥They're very adventurous and are always looking to the horizon for new places to explore until they find a mate, then they look for a place to set roots and expand their family (At some point.)
❥Their culture and rituals vary depending on where they come from.
❥Are also known as "fruitsos" for short.

More info will be added as more are created to better fit the species.


❥Furutsunomimis that are a hybrid of 2 or more fruit.
Example would be, a strawberry banana themed one.

More info will be added as more are created to better fit the species.

[Frequently asked questions]

❥"How tall are they?"
Furutsunomimis height scales on that of our own height range.



[Original Species] Furutsunomimis


23 May 2014 at 15:06:09 MDT

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