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$30 woodburning badges CLOSED -- also FREEBIE FRIDAYS by Cisqur


this is the last time they're going to be $30; studysaysno and I will be charging $40 the next time we open for woodburning badges.

  1. chotpot

2&3. ausayn x2

also, starting today, I will be offering free icons and/or doodle thingys every friday. the recipient will be chosen at random, and cannot be chosen again in the future. simply comment with the character and what you would like.

$30 woodburning badges CLOSED -- also FREEBIE FRIDAYS


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  • Link Jake's face looking rad as hell. I'd be using it for steam.

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    Dang, first half of my comment was cut off, now I look rude as fuck: "Those things look rad as hell and if I had the money to this time, I'd totally buy it." I'll probably buy one when you're doing them again or if you still have a slot open in two weeks, though that last part is unlikely.

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      we will almost certainly have a slot open in two weeks, business has become very slow all of a sudden! and although someone else got this freebie friday on another site (I'm going to crosspost freebie fridays everywhere), I do really wanna draw this character, so you can submit your request again next week. (or, if nobody else submits their request, I'll just try to remember your request for this week...)

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        Sounds awesome and yeah, if you do still have slots open in that amount of time I'll get one. I would now, but I'm a bit short on cash because I had to make a big purchase recently.

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          it's all good! if the slots fill up before then, I'll make sure a $40 slot is open for you when you're ready.

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    Thank you very much for the opportunity of a freebie · u · here's my chara Nel'Blu

    I just love your artwork, hope to commission you in the future when I get to save a bit <3

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    Thank you for the freebie; here's my 'sona. the red scales on his knuckles and tail aren't on there, so he just has black scales.