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Art Wanted! Lupinar by SystemSpace

Lupinar is a virtual world inspired by the Age of Mammals. A member uses an avatar, or pose, to roam a variety of locations. Artists are capable of creating, uploading and even selling their own, original artwork.

Lupinar is rated 14 years of age. 13 year olds may come on if they stay in the 13+ rated rooms.

Our Chat is currently Closed for Beta testing!

Some of our sets contain Smilodon, Otters, Fossa, Mesocyon, Miacid, etc. Currently we're looking for artists who would possibly be interested in making 5 to 10 avatar pose sets, in sketch form or rough outline for our site. The poses can be turned into sets via Lupinar's selection of artists after the sketches have been received.If interested in sketching a pose set of a primitive animal species (including avians, ungulates, and carnivores of all unique shapes and sizes), post here with examples of your sketch work and price range.

Ideas for Sets :
Pterodon africanus
Thulitheripus svalbardii
Anacodon cultridens
Anacodon ursidens
Pronghorn Antelope
Haast's Eagle

I'm willing to pay/do an art trade. Please know that this is only for line art or rough sketches. The poses will have a transparent background. You will be given full credit to the sketches!

Art Wanted! Lupinar


22 May 2014 at 22:33:38 MDT

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