Last Call for CF/AC Badge Pre-orders! 5 slots left! by Kitsumi

Hey guys,

Last call for badge pre-orders! I have room for just 6 badges, please comment below to claim. If you are going to AC, I can mail them free of charge to you in time for the con instead. :) As always, I am offering them at a pre-con special discount price.

Option 1 to Order - Through Square Shop:

Option 2 to Order - Google Wallet! Free if you link your bank account, 2.9% fee if using debit/credit.
In gmail, 'attach money' and send to

Option 3 to Order - Square Cash- seems a little hairy to figure out though, but should be free because it is straight from your bank:
To send payment directly from your debit instead of ordering in the shop, follow the instructions:
If I have it figured out correctly, email me, and cc square, with the payment amount in the subject line:

Sorry, I don't take paypal anymore!

  1. Bobby Corwin2.

Please note also if it's for mailing for AC, or pickup at Califur! Thanks!


Last Call for CF/AC Badge Pre-orders! 5 slots left!


22 May 2014 at 08:04:50 MDT

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