Not going to update on here. by Unh0ly0ffspring

I decided to go back to uploading on DA, so, I won't be using this site as much anymore, not to much happens on here unlike DA and it just feels like DA is more of my home.
Sorry about that, I'll only be using this site to put my characters references on but besides that I'm gonna be on DA.

You can find me here if you wish to continue watching me~:
My adopt account is here for those who like adopting~:

Not going to update on here.


20 May 2014 at 17:34:37 MDT

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    Hey its been long over a month since our art trade, you haven't forgotten your half have you? ;;

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      No, I remember it, I've been trying to do it, but, sense I'm not all that great with anthros I cant seem to get a good pose for it and stuff.
      So, I have been procrastinating slightly (i'm really sorry about that ;.; ) cause I want our trade to be fare (aka, sense you did a full body/background, I want to do a full body/background)

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        If you want I can link you to a feral character? c:

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          whispers I would really appreciate that, i'll be able to get it done faster ;.;
          I'm really sorry I can't do the darkling character ;.;