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I put these links in my profile section, but I thought I'd make a journal entry about them anyway. ~(UwU~)

I now have pages up on Spoonflower, Storenvy, and Society6;

I've had a couple people ask me about my Gastly pattern, so I put it up on Spoonflower to be bought as fabric or wrapping paper! I LOVED making that pattern, so look forward to much more on there!
MonsterGuts on Spoonflower

I went ahead and uploaded the rest of my Pokemon charms and the sketchbooks Nettle and I made together on Storenvy, as it's a lot easier me to keep track of them, which ones I've sold, etc. I'll be selling any premades I made on Storenvy from now on. That includes dolls, so give it a follow if you're interested!
MonsterGuts on Storenvy

I don't have anything up on my Society6 yet but if you guys have any requests, suggestions, characters, or pre-existing images from my gallery that you'd like to see on a shirt, please do let me know!!
MonsterGuts on Society6

Thanks for reading!

Merch Sites!


20 May 2014 at 13:40:32 MDT

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